Dimond-Home Radiant Orchid Ropes Vase by Elk Group

Dimond Home Radiant Orchid Ropes Vase 7011-092 818008024863

Dimond-Home Golden Horizontals Flute Vase by Elk Group

Dimond Home Golden Flute Vase (Multiple Options)

Dimond Home Golden Horizontals Flute Vase 7011-095 818008024894

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The triangle: Since deep in antiquity a singularly potent symbol for the expression of actual or potential human energies. Introducing our Toltec Collection Golden Horizontals Terracotta Flute Vase. Imperfect, old-world handcrafted stature; Deep, dark Espresso finish; Sophisticated, brightly Golden verticals that advance like sharpened suns in the eternal darkness. Simply place it anywhere in the home that calls for a bold impact; anywhere instinct yearns to feel the equivalent of �Yes,� or �Now�. Acrylic paint.
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Brand ELK Group
UPC 818008024894-UPC
Color Black, Gold
Material Terracotta
Dimensions 16.0 x 4.8 x 4.8
Weight 2.5 lbs
Shipping Method UPS/FedEx
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